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Wrinkles? Bye.

Surgeon Injector,
Patient Protector

At Waterman Rhinoplasty, Dr. Waterman performs every cosmetic injection to ensure the safety of his patients and to optimize the results of every case. 

In Washington state, there are various licensed professionals who can legally perform Cosmetic Injections for their clientele. While there are certainly fewer risks associated with cosmetic injections compared with surgery, these risks can still be very serious and potentially life-threatening. You should always trust your face and your cosmetic injections to the trustworthy hands of an experienced board-certified surgeon.


Dr. Waterman is dual board-certified to perform Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery as well as Otolaryngology (E.N.T. care) & Head and Neck surgery, and has performed thousands of surgical procedures during his 20+year career.

Cosmetic injections at any old day spa can be a disappointing waste of money, and potentially hazardous if your injector isn't medically qualified. Surgeon injectors are more familiar with the layers of skin and have the experience and precision necessary to achieve the best results. They know where nerves are, and how to avoid veins and arteries. You deserve the best of the best, not just the bare minimum. Why settle for anything less than the best with your cosmetic injections? 


When it comes to cosmetic injections in and around the face, there is no substitute for the excellence that comes with years of medical training and experience. Trust Dr. Waterman, you'll be glad you did.

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