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Our Mission

We are committed to being highly supportive and responsive to all our patients. We thrive when working closely with our patients. Openly communicating and maintaining absolute transparency are central tenets of our practice, and these values inform our mission.

We believe our method provides patients with a Naturally Beautiful nose, achieving aesthetic goals without losing personality or individuality. We believe there is no such thing as a monolithic "perfect nose." Because the ideal nose is the one that accents the constellation of facial features that surround it, no two goal outcomes should ever be exactly the same. 

We strive to deliver outstanding patient care from the first moments of our relationship. Whether you find Waterman Rhinoplasty through a great personal referral, reputation sites like or webMD, social media like Facebook, or a Google search, your initial contact with Waterman Rhinoplasty will be answered quickly. We take pride in our accessibility and open communications with patients.


We respect all people regardless of their background. We refuse to tolerate discrimination based on ethnicity or race, religious affiliations, genders, sexual orientations, ability, political ideology, familial status, nationality, or any other social factors. Our staff, and the staffs we work with, are committed to high social standards of celebrating diversity in all its forms, rejecting social prejudice, and dutifully providing elite care to all our patients.

We respect your body autonomy and individuality. When seeking to change your physical appearance, we listen to you first, determining what matters most to you before creating any plans of our own.

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