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Exclusive offers for RealSelf members!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

I'm RealSelf Verified. My expertise checks out.

I am proud to be among the first members of the RealSelf Network of Verified providers. As a RealSelf Verified doctor, you can trust my expertise and reputation for results that please. RealSelf connects clients and physicians, bringing conversations about plastic surgery out of the clinic and into the living room. It's a casual but extensive educational tool, great for finding first-hand experiences!

That's why I'm extending multiple offers* to clients who use RealSelf!

I'm offering a $500 credit toward Cosmetic Rhinoplasty for RealSelf users who want to share their story! That's right, you can save $500 on your cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure, just by visiting my profile and completing the form. The discount is non-transferable and must be applied before your deposit is collected.

For Kybella patients, we're offering a Botox treatment for 1 area (approximately 20 units) free with your next Kybella session. Be sure to mention your interest in Botox when you make your consultation so we can dedicate the right amount of time for your appointment.

Lastly, Galderma and RealSelf are collaborating to offer $20 off various Galderma products including Dysport and the suite of Restylane fillers.

To read reviews and more, click here.

*Offers must be accepted through RealSelf before your procedure deposit is collected, and cannot be retroactively applied. For more information about offers, contact us and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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