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Seattle Rhinoplasty & Chin Augmentation || Before & After

This patient had a Rhinoplasty, a chin implant placed and submental liposuction. All 3 Cosmetic procedures were done on the same day. Combining rhinoplasty and chin augmentation procedures is a great way to balance the facial features!

The increased projection of both the nasal tip and the chin redefine the facial profile. Notice, especially in the last photo comparison, how the improvement is already showing.

Chin Augmentation involves a small incision below the mandible--or Jaw bone--specifically under the chin. Carefully, the skin of the chin is carefully elevated so that there is a "pocket" where the implant may fit comfortably and securely. A biocompatible implant (I prefer silicone implants for their reliable safety, material integrity, and they are easy to access and manipulate in case of complications) that has been modeled to achieve the aesthetic goals of the patient is inserted through the small incision. When the implant is securely placed, the incision is closed with just a couple stitches. Because of the placement of the incision, behind the cusp of the jawbone, the scar is minimally visible -- even more so for men because facial hair can obscure scarring. Notice how the incision doesn't particularly stand out.

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