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Rhinoplasty Before & After F06

This patient had a rhinoplasty to reduce her dorsal hump, refine the nasal tip, and improve the overall appearance of her nose. Here are her before and after photos.

An insightful comment from the patient herself: she felt that she needed to wear lots of makeup to distract from her nose and was very self-conscious about her appearance, but after Rhinoplasty she felt comfortable wearing less makeup, and presenting a more natural look.


This patient had also been a patient at my Otolaryngology practice when she was young. During a relatively routine exam and procedure, I discovered abnormal tissue and she was diagnosed with a rare cancer shortly thereafter. Thankfully, her treatment was successful and she continues to live in excellent health.

Watch this video to learn more about her story. She joined me on King 5's New Day to discuss her experiences with cancer and with cosmetic surgery. View the video below:

Video courtesy of King 5.

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