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Seattle Rhinoplasty Before & After - Deviated Septum M01

This rhinoplasty patient from Seattle had a severe septal deviation, causing an "S" curve right down the bridge of the nose. You can notice too, how the view from below shows cartilage on only one side. This is common for noses with a deviated septum. Correcting a deviated septum involves more than just Rhinoplasty. Septum surgery, or septoplasty, restructures the cartilaginous scaffolding of the nose's interior, sometimes using grafts or stents. Unlike Rhinoplasty, which is generally considered as cosmetic, Septum surgery is often indicated for medical reasons like chronic breathing problems and blockages. Surgery for deviated septum can be performed during a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure, improving both the form and function of your nose. If you think you might have a deviated septum, give us a call or visit a double-board certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon/E.N.T. near you.

Seattle Rhinoplasty
This patient's nasal septum has a serpentine shape.

The photos below show the patient before and after surgery. Notice improvements in the symmetry of the nose, and in the tip's shape.

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